Reading Ticket Prices (US)

The chain of Reading Cinemas is among the most notable in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Reading International, its parent company, ensures that the theaters are maintained in excellent condition and the films are selected based on quality.

Even with the stiff competition in the global industry, the chain has managed to maintain its lead, an impressive feat indeed. Even when it isn’t the largest, it has a respectable market share due to its commitment to providing its customers with the best possible movie experience.

Below are the estimated Reading ticket prices for US locations.

Item Price


These Prices Are For Reading Charlestown And Harbourtown

Child (3-14 years) - Starting Price $7.01
Adult - Starting Price $9.00
Senior - Starting Price $9.00

Titan XC Movies

Child (3-14 years) - Titan XC Starting Price $10.00
Adult - Titan XC Starting Price $10.00
Senior - Titan XC Starting Price $10.00

Gold Lounge Movies

Child (3-14 years) - Gold Lounge Starting Price $21.00
Adult - Gold Lounge Starting Price $21.00
Senior - Gold Lounge Starting Price $21.00


These Prices Are For All Other Reading Locations In Australia

Child (3-14 years) - Starting Cost $10.00
Adult - Starting Cost $10.00
Senior - Starting Cost $10.00

3D Movies

Child (3-14 years) - 3D Starting Price $12.50
Adult - 3D Starting Price $12.50
Senior - 3D Starting Price $12.50

Titan XC Movies

Child (3-14 years) - Titan XC Starting Cost $12.50
Adult - Titan XC Starting Cost $12.50
Senior - Titan XC Starting Cost $12.50

Gold Lounge Movies

Child (3-14 years) - Gold Lounge Starting Cost $28.00
Adult - Gold Lounge Starting Cost $28.00
Senior - Gold Lounge Starting Cost $28.00

Premium Movies

Child (3-14 years) - Premium Starting Price $15.00
Adult - Premium Starting Price $15.00
Senior - Premium Starting Price $15.00
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The Reading Cinemas was originally connected with the Reading Railroad before it was acquired by James Cotter, a Los Angeles-based lawyer, through Craig Corporation, his holding company.  Currently, there are 37 theaters with more than 350 screens across the three countries.

In the United States, the locations include Cal Oaks (Murrieta, California), Gaslamp Stadium (San Diego, California), Manville 12-Plex and (Manville, New Jersey). Most of the US locations, by the way, are in the State of California.

Meeting of Meals and Movies

The Reading theaters are favorite places for people who want great dinner-and-a-show experience at a reasonable price.  Of course, most of Reading Cinemas’ competitors are on the bandwagon but the chain is among the best in this regard, especially for groups of family and friends.

The food and drinks selection ranges from standard movie fare to full meals consisting of appetizers, entrées and desserts.  These include popcorn, candies and soft drinks, too, which appeal to both the young and old.

Guests can order their food and drinks from the lobby and then take them into the auditorium. In selected locations, the food and drinks can be served directly to the guests’ seats. Keep in mind, however, that certain theaters will not allow food and drinks to be ordered and delivered to the guests’ seats during the actual film screening.

The auditoriums are designed with the best in audiovisual technology for theaters. First, the stadium seating allows for unobstructed view of the large screen regardless of the seat chosen.  This is the standard in modern theaters but Reading Cinemas takes it to another level by designing wider aisles and larger seats so guests feel more comfortable.

Second, the theaters are equipped with Dolby Digital 3D and 2K Digital Projection technology. Both are state-of-the-art technology that provides viewers clear and crisp images, usually with even the small details highlighted. These features are important for all types of movies, especially in films where the characters’ expressions are important to the plot.

Third, the sound system consists of Dolby Surround 5.1 and Dolby Surround 7.1 technology. These also provide clear and crisp audio set to the right level; guests find the volume perfect for the movies – no deafening sounds, no straining to hear the sounds on the screen.

Most of the theaters also have handicap-friendly facilities that allow people with handicaps to enjoy the movies. These facilities include assisted listening devices and closed captioning devices, which are usually attached to the seats; both assist people with sight and hearing impairments. Be sure to ask the theater staff about these devices, especially about their proper use; there’s no extra charge for their use, too.

The auditoriums also have ramps for easy accessibility for people in wheelchairs.  The staff are also happy to help with a push to the proper seats for people who need it.

Nowadays, online booking of tickets is a standard feature and Reading Cinemas also offer it. Guests can book their tickets online, particularly at the chain’s official website, and print the tickets on their home printers. Guests can also book their tickets on their smartphones and tablets.

Every theater, nonetheless, has its own ticket kiosk. Here, guests can buy their tickets before going into the auditorium for the film showing. This is the old-fashioned way of watching the movies but it retains its appeal despite the possibility of a long line, especially during blockbuster movies.

The seats are comfortable with their thick padding, wide bottom, and large armrests. But there are no luxurious features, such as reclined seating, but for the affordable price of the tickets, the seats are part of the value-for-money proposition. Plus, the lobby and auditorium are super-clean so there are no untoward incidents with gum and the like.

For kids and kids-at-heart who want to play games aside from watch movies, there’s a game arcade, too. Guests don’t have to buy a movie ticket to play at the game arcade, which has plenty of video games to choose from.

The in-theater staff members are friendly, efficient and helpful, too. There’s a sense of being welcomed into the theater, thanks to the warm smiles and greetings, yet there’s none of the obtrusive service during the movie’s screening.

We also like that most of the Reading Cinemas theaters have great parking facilities. You can being your family and friends without worrying about parking space, as well as without worrying about the total cost of treating them to a dinner and a show.

To find a Reading Cinema near you, visit their official website.