Megaplex Ticket Prices

When brands are associated with a popular name, there’s a higher chance that the products and services associated with them will be successful. This seems to be true even with cinema chains, and the chain of Megaplex Theatres seems to fit the mold.

The Megaplex Theatres chain, after all, is owned and operated by the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies. The group is owned by the owner of the Utah Jazz, the late Larry H. Miller; the Utah Jazz is an NBA franchise.

Below are the estimated Megaplex ticket prices.

Item Price


Matinee (Standard) (Morning and Afternoon) $7.25
Child (3-11) (Standard) (Morning and Afternoon) $6.75
Senior (60+) (Standard) (Morning and Afternoon) $6.75
Adult (Standard) (Evening) $9.75
Child (3-11) (Standard) (Evening) $6.75
Senior (60+) (Standard) (Evening) $6.75

Dolby Atmos Luxury

Matinee (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $12.25
Child (3-11) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $11.75
Senior (60+) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $11.75
Adult (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Evening) $14.75
Child (3-11) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Evening) $11.75
Senior (60+) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Evening) $11.75


Matinee (D-Box) (Morning and Afternoon) $16.25
Child (3-11) (D-Box) (Morning and Afternoon) $15.75
Senior (60+) (D-Box) (Morning and Afternoon) $15.75
Adult (D-Box) (Evening) $18.75
Child (3-11) (D-Box) (Evening) $15.75
Senior (60+) (D-Box) (Evening) $15.75


Matinee (IMAX) (Morning and Afternoon) $9.75
Child (3-11) (IMAX) (Morning and Afternoon) $9.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX) (Morning and Afternoon) $9.25
Adult (IMAX) (Evening) $12.25
Child (3-11) (IMAX) (Evening) $9.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX) (Evening) $9.25

IMAX Luxury

Matinee (IMAX Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $13.75
Child (3-11) (IMAX Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $13.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $13.25
Adult (IMAX Luxury) (Evening) $16.25
Child (3-11) (IMAX Luxury) (Evening) $13.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX Luxury) (Evening) $13.25
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The first Megaplex Theatres location opened on November 1, 1999 in Sandy, Utah. The theater had 17 screens at the time, but it has since been expanded to include three more auditoriums and more food options. This has also become among the highest-grossing theaters in the United States for Hollywood first-run mainstream movies.

Nowadays, the chain has several locations across Utah and Nevada.  All the theaters also have multiple screens and, indeed, these are top-notch movie megaplexes.

Food and Flicks

In the 21st century, the movie theaters industry is a dog-eat-dog world with the players vying for the patronage of the general public through the best possible auditoriums, concession stands and restaurants, and restrooms and lounges. The chain of Megaplex Theatres is a leader in the industry because it’s one of the few that truly delivers on the dinner and a show combo.

Let’s talk first about the dining options at the Megaplex Theatres. While most movie theaters offer the standard range of popcorn, candy and drinks, the Megaplex Theatres has a wide variety of hot and cold offerings on the menu. The menu is also being regularly expanded so that customers will always have great choices, a management thrust first started by the late Miller when he opened the first Megaplex location in Sandy.

And the best thing about the dining: You can have your food and drinks brought into the theater in their special trays! The trays will fit into the built-in cup holders of the seat and, thus, you will truly have the dinner-and-a-show experience.  There’s no need for balancing the tray on your lap even as you struggle with eating your food.

The menu offerings are typical for a standard restaurant but we have to say that it’s an expansive one considering that it’s for a movie theater. The food selection includes hotdogs, hamburgers, corn dogs, chicken fingers, and grilled cheese sandwiches; the latter includes Turkey Cheese Steak, Philly Cheese Steak, and Chicken Cordon Bleu. There are also sides, such as sweet potato and regular fries, and Buffalo’s JR Tots.  In many locations, a Pizza Hut is also present, and the menu includes 9-inch, artisan-style pizzas, salads, and sides; the pizza flavors include BBQ Chicken, Meat eater, and Pepperoni.

Other food options include Mexican food like meat or bean burritos, taco salads, and quesadillas. There’s even a Coke Freestyle machine that offers a bewildering array of soft drink and add-ins in several flavors; think of being a kid in a candy bar and you get the idea of choosing from more than 100 possible combinations. There are also the candy and popcorn options if you’re into the classic movie fare, as well as desserts like gelato, soft-serve ice cream in a cup or cone, and donut holes.

Of course, customers come to their nearest Megaplex Theatres for a movie. The movie-watching experience here is just as awesome as the food-eating experience, thanks to the state-of-the-art audio-visual technology used. The large screens provide clear and crisp images while the sound surround system makes for a realistic experience.

But before you and your group come to the theater, you may want to book your tickets in advance via its official website. You can choose your preferred seats, movie and show time, and even your food and drinks. You can then just approach the ticket attendant directly, show your tickets, and be ushered into the auditorium – no need to line up at the kiosk!

Once inside the auditorium, you will appreciate the comfortable seats with their fully padded design, wide arm rests with cup holders, and large space for your rear. Plus, the seats are spaced so that there’s ample room to stretch your legs and to walk from your seat to the restroom, for example. These features more than make up for the lack of recliner seats in Megaplex Theatres although many customers have stated their wish for said seats.

The Megaplex Theatres also show 4-5 previews of movies before the feature movie. The advertisements are usually few and far between, a feature appreciated by guests who come for the movies, not the ads.

The theaters from the lounge and restrooms to the auditorium are so clean that it seems like everything shines! The staff members are friendly and helpful, too, which adds to the pleasurable experience. There are also devices for sensory-affected individuals so watching movies isn’t just for the normal persons.

To find a Megaplex near you, visit their official website.