Harkins Ticket Prices

Harkins Theatres hark back to the days when going to the movies was an event in itself, yet the chain of movie theaters also offers state-of-the-art facilities and amenities that make the movie-going experience a 21st century one. The chain, which is owned and operated by Harkins Enterprises, LLC, its parent company, is among the most popular of its kind in Southwestern United States.

The theaters are located in Colorado, Arizona, California, Texas, and Oklahoma. The current total is 34 theaters with more than 500 screens, a respectable number considering the stiff competition in the movie theater industry in these parts.

Below are the estimated Harkins ticket prices.

Item Price


Adult (Standard) $10.50
Child (3-13) (Standard) $6.50
Matinee (Standard) $8.00
Military (Standard) $8.00
Senior (60+) (Standard) $7.50
Student (Standard) $8.00


Adult (3D) $13.50
Child (3-13) (3D) $8.50
Matinee (3D) $11.00
Military (3D) $11.00
Senior (60+) (3D) $10.50
Student (3D) $11.00


Adult (IMAX) $15.00
Child (3-13) (IMAX) $11.00
Senior (60+) (IMAX) $12.00
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In 1933, Dwight Harkins opened his first movie theater, the State Theater in Tempe, Arizona; he was only 18 years old at the time and he put $50 on the theater’s lease. The State Theater itself was relatively old – it was originally opened in the 1900s as the Goodwin Opera.  He followed it in 1934 with an outdoor theater although it lasted only for a single summer and then the College Theater in 1940; the latter is now known as Harkins Valley Art.

Even then, Harkins was ahead of his time. The College Theater, for example, featured several innovations like headphones for the hearing-impaired customers, glow-in-the-dark carpets, and automatic drinking fountains. The chain may be relatively small in comparison with the likes of AMC and Regal Entertainment, for example, but it manages to hold its own ground.

Facilities and Amenities

Customers can buy their tickets either at the box office in the theater or through its official website and smartphone app ticket reservation system. Both methods of buying tickets apply to both the regular Harkins theaters and the Cine 1 theaters.

If you choose to book your tickets in advance via the official website or smartphone app, then you can also reserve your seats. You can obviously choose your seats but keep in mind that terms and conditions will apply. For example, if your choice in seats creates a gap between two seats, then you may be advised to choose other seats; this condition prevents the creation of so-called orphan seats.

Note: You will be asked to pay for a surcharge when you’re booking tickets online or via the mobile app.

If you choose the old-fashioned way of buying tickets, you will find a ticket window inside the theater. You may not be able to choose your seat, however, but you will not pay for a surcharge. This is a good option for customers who aren’t too picky about seats or who come as a single individual or as a couple.

Each seat in a Harkin theater is labeled with a seat letter and number; think football stadium seating and you get the idea. You should have an easy time looking for your reserved seat by looking at the seat number printed on your ticket. You can ask a Harkins employee for assistance in locating your reserved seat or when you have issues with another movie-goer occupying it.

Emphasis must be made that the seats in a regular Harkins theater and a Cine1 theater are different in design although both are comfortable. In a regular Harkins theater, there are plush rocker seats – padded and upholstered well for comfort, designed with ample space for rears and legs, and equipped with modern features like cup holders. The first row, furthermore, has the more luxurious Ultimate Lounger seats while the rest of the rows have the push rocker seats.

In a Cine1 theater, there are Ultimate Lounger Seats that resemble a plush leather recliner, a Lazy-Boy in a theater, if you will. These seats fully recline (i.e., flat) with a single touch of a button, as well as provide a foot rest. Think of watching a movie at home while reclined on a plush leather chair but with a large high-definition screen and world-class audio system.

The Cine1 theater tickets are obviously more expensive than the regular Harkins theater tickets because of the more luxurious amenities. The difference usually starts at $2 but if you want a premium movie-going experience, the $2 difference is worth it.

All screens in Harkins theaters use digital projection technology. Most, if not all, of them are also covered by a lush gold-colored curtain that dramatically opens to reveal the screen just before the movie starts.

The Cine1 theaters feature extra-large screens, usually more than 70 feet wide, with the clear, crisp and colorful images projected by a laser projector. The movies are shown on the dot; customers are well-advised to come early to avoid becoming distractions to other movie-goers once the show starts.

The theaters are also equipped with state-of-the-art 3D Dolby sound system, which consists of more than 175 speakers on the walls and ceiling. Hearing-impaired customers can ask for either headphones or closed captioned screen; the latter is on the seat’s cup holder.

Customers can also buy souvenir merchandise, such as shirts and cups, which have movie-related themes. Children can also be placed in a supervised environment while their parents watch movies, thanks to the PlayCenters in selected theaters.

Special summer programs are also offered. These include children’s movies, art and indie films, and opera and ballet shows, as well as live and taped performances.

To find a Harkins near you, visit their official website.