Cinemark Ticket Prices

Cinemark movie theaters hit the mark, so to speak, when it comes to the quality of the facilities, amenities and services provided, as well as the quality of the movies shown. No wonder then that the chain of movie theaters is among the most popular in the United States and abroad.

Cinemark USA, Inc., the official name of the chain is owned and operated by Cinemark Holdings, Inc., which has its headquarters in Plano, Texas. The chain has locations in the United States as well as in South America and Taiwan; it’s the largest chain of movie theaters in Brazil, too.  The company itself operates several brands of cinemas – Cinemark, its flagship brand, as well as Tinseltown USA, Century Theatres, Rave Cinemas, and CineArts.

Below are the estimated Cinemark ticket prices.

Item Price


Morning Showtimes

Adult - Standard - Morning $4.25
Child (1-11) - Standard - Morning $4.25
Senior (62+) - Standard - Morning $4.25
Student - Standard - Morning $4.25

Noon Showtimes

Adult - Standard - Noon $4.75
Child (1-11) - Standard - Noon $4.50
Senior (62+) - Standard - Noon $4.75

Afternoon Showtimes

Adult - Standard - Afternoon $6.00
Child (1-11) - Standard - Afternoon $4.50
Senior (62+) - Standard - Afternoon $4.75
Student - Standard - Afternoon $4.75

Evening Showtimes

Adult - Standard - Evening $6.75
Child (1-11) - Standard - Evening $4.50
Senior (62+) - Standard - Evening $4.75
Student - Standard - Evening $4.75

RealD 3D

Morning Showtimes

Adult - RealD 3D - Morning $6.50
Child (1-11) - RealD 3D - Morning $6.50
Senior (62+) - RealD 3D - Morning $6.50

Noon Showtimes

Adult - RealD 3D - Noon $7.00
Child (1-11) - RealD 3D - Noon $6.75
Senior (62+) - RealD 3D - Noon $7.00

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult - RealD 3D - Afternoon and Evening $9.00
Child (1-11) - RealD 3D - Afternoon and Evening $6.75
Senior (62+) - RealD 3D - Afternoon and Evening $7.00
Student - RealD 3D - Afternoon and Evening $7.00


Afternoon Showtimes

Adult - D-Box - Afternoon $11.00
Child (1-11) - D-Box - Afternoon $9.50
Senior (62+) - D-Box - Afternoon $9.75
Student - D-Box - Afternoon $9.75

Evening Showtimes

Adult - D-Box - Evening $11.75
Child (1-11) - D-Box - Evening $9.50
Senior (62+) - D-Box - Evening $9.75
Student - D-Box - Evening $9.75

RealD 3D and D-Box

Noon Showtimes

Adult - RealD 3D andD-Box - Noon $12.00
Child (1-11) - RealD 3D andD-Box - Noon $11.75
Senior (62+) - RealD 3D andD-Box - Noon $12.00

Evening Showtimes

Adult - RealD 3D andD-Box - Evening $14.00
Child (1-11) - RealD 3D andD-Box - Evening $11.75
Senior (62+) - RealD 3D andD-Box - Evening $10.50
Student - RealD 3D andD-Box - Evening $12.00
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Lee Roy Mitchell founded Cinemark in California, Utah, and Texas. The actual date, however, is unclear – it may either be 1983 or 984 although online records seem to point to a 1977 founding date. The chain is known for its use of the Art Deco style in designing its theaters.

Amenities and Facilities

Cinemark patrons love the chain of movie theaters because of the wide range of movies being shown on its large screens. The entertainment fare ranges from mainstream Hollywood blockbusters to art house movies, although emphasis must be made that Cinemark tends to show more of the former than the latter. The relatively wide range of movies, nonetheless, attracts the young and old alike, as well as couples, groups of friends, and families to the movie theater chain.

Keep in mind that the Cinemark ticket prices are on the mid-high range, usually starting at $16 in many locations. But when the world-class facilities, amenities and services are considered, these prices are reasonable, especially when you’re looking for great value for your money.

Patrons can book their seats online, a convenient feature for two reasons. First, there’s no need to line up at the box-office to get your ticket only to be told that it’s a full house. You will immediately know whether there are still tickets available or not, and then make your decision based on the information.

Second, there’s also no need to settle for seat that may not be to your liking. While booking your ticket online, you can choose your preferred seat and, while in the theater, you will have it whether you come in early or late to the screening. But terms and conditions apply to preferred seating, too, such as no so-called sandwich seats.

For patrons who like the old-fashioned option, they can buy their tickets at the box office or at a dedicated machine in a Cinemark theater. The prices for both online and old-fashioned options are the same so the choice between the two depends on your preference.

The customer service is always friendly, a feature that makes Cinemark theaters among the favorites in whatever locations these may be. The employees ensure that the patrons find their seats, keep the lounge and restrooms clean, and keep the customers happy with their services. But there may be instances when the employees seem too slow although it must be said that this usually happens with a full house.

Every Cinemark theater is so spacious that it feels like a darkened modern stadium, as well as equipped with a large high-definition screen and excellent sound system. The theaters are also so clean, thanks to the employees’ dedication to cleaning up after every screening. The cleanliness factor is a must for movie-goers because it adds to the enjoyable experience; icky gums, sticky food, and soiled drinks are a big no-no here.

The chairs are also well-spaced so patrons don’t feel hemmed in their seats, even with a full house. The upholstery feels soft to the touch, the footrest can be placed up for more comfort, and there’s plenty of leg room in front. The chairs can also be folded back with a push of a button while its full reclining feature is absolutely the best; these are also equipped with large arm rests and cup holders for more comfort and convenience.

We have to highlight the excellent sound system – it’s at the perfect level, neither too low nor too loud. We think that the theater chain has hired audiophiles to ensure that the sound system has great balance in all aspects.

The food and drinks selection is nice, too, although it isn’t as impressive as many of the largest theater chains in the United States. The food chains here includes Starbucks, ICEE and Swedish Fish as well as the move staples like ice cream, soda and popcorn. Just don’t expect fine dining service and you will find that Cinemark theaters hit the mark for your usual American cinema-going experience.

Plus, most Cinemark theaters are attached to a mall so there’s plenty of other entertainment options available before and after watching movies. There’s also plenty of parking space available, a convenient feature when you’re coming in a large group.

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