Carmike Ticket Prices

Carmike Cinemas is now defunct brand since its acquisition by AMC Theatres on December 21, 2016. Currently, the Carmike locations have been renamed under the new owner’s brand, AMC Theaters. The Carmike theaters, nonetheless, continue to serve as the entertainment hubs of the communities where these are located.

Under the Carmike brand, these theaters were labelled as “America’s Hometown Theatre”, an apt description as most of these were located in suburban and rural areas with populations of 200,000 and below. Before its acquisition by AMC Theatres, it was the fourth-largest cinema chain in the United States with more than 2,950 screens in 276 theaters across 41 states.

Below are the estimated Carmike ticket prices.

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In 1982, Carl L. Patrick, Sr. purchased Martin Theaters and established Carmike. The company’s name was supposedly derived from Patrick’s two sons – Carl Jr. and Michael (Mike).

Through the years, the company acquired more theater chains, such as Fox Theaters Corporation, Maxi Saver Cinemas, and GKC Theaters. But there have been troubles along the way, too, such as its August 2000 filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

As previously mentioned, AMC Theatres completed the acquisition of Carmike Cinemas on December 2016. Due to the acquisition, AMC became the largest movie theater chain in the United States; the previous record-holder was Regal Entertainment Group.

Amenities and Facilities

In February 2017, AMC Theatres announced its rebranding decision – all Carmike Cinemas location will be renamed AMC Classic, a new banner. The AMC Classic brand refers to the smaller cinemas with lower traffic – or value-focused, as the management calls it – that offer fewer amenities and services in comparison with the main AMC brand and AMC Dine-in locations.

The AMC Classic theatres will continue to be branded as America’s Hometown Theatres because of their location.  These theatres are marketed as fun and friendly cinemas in the local area that can be depended on to provide a great cinema experience and value for money. These are designed with the family in mind, as well as budget-conscious individuals, thus the menu includes nachos, pretzels bites and popcorn buckets, as well as Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machines.

With the rebranding, customers will also be able to access the official AMC website and mobile app where show times, ticket prices and other relevant information are available. Customers can also buy their tickets, learn about upcoming movies, and register for the AMC Stubs loyalty program through the website and mobile app. Of course, customers can still buy their tickets directly at the theatre box office or through authorized websites, such as Atom Tickets,, and

Unless otherwise announced, the prices will remain stable (i.e., no significant changes both up and down) in the rebranded theatres. The rebranded theatres have also undergone renovations to make them more guest-friendly, as well as continue to offer alcoholic beverages in certain locations. In case of the latter, the bar will also be rebranded as the MacGuffins Bar and Lounge.

The AMC loyalty program, known as AMC Stubs, will also be available to customers. There are two types of AMC Stubs: AMC Stubs Insider, a free program; and AMC Stubs Premiere, a for-a-fee loyalty program (i.e., the current rate is $15 per year per person). The perks of membership include free refill on popcorn and/or fountain drinks, discount on tickets, and points earned; the actual perks depend on the type of membership.

The rebranded Carmike Cinemas retain their excellent customer service, a hallmark of the old brand that its loyal customers appreciated over the years. The employees are accommodating, helpful and friendly toward the customers so there’s always the sense of being VIP even for ordinary movie-goers.

The state-of-the-art audio-visual technology used in the theatres provide great movie-going experiences that make customers come back for more! The visuals are clear and crisp while the audio quality is smooth on the ears, so to speak. The employees even make sure that the audio-visual quality of the movies is always up to par from start to finish; there’s none of the jarring incidents found in inferior cinemas.

The seats are always kept clean, almost pristine, so there’s none of the icky feeling from spilled drinks, sticky food and gum. These are also reclining in most locations, as well as equipped with adjustable armrests and cup holders. The ample leg room allows for stretching of the legs, as well as for accommodating long legs, a far cry from many inferior cinemas.

The aisles are well-lighted, too, so there’s no risk of tripping over the steps or falling face down on the floor. There are also ushers that can lead the way in case assistance is necessary, such as in the case of the elderly or the children.

The overall ambiance is a local theatre with people that you will know in your neighborhood – friendly without being intrusive, fun for the whole family, and with affordable prices.  No wonder then that no matter the name, the spirit of the old Carmike Cinemas live on in the new AMC Classic theatres!

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