ArcLight Ticket Prices

ArcLight Cinemas can be considered as the newest kid in the block of the cinema industry. A subsidiary of Pacific Theatres Entertainment Corporation, owned by The Decurion Corporation, the chain of cinemas offer a premier movie-going experience for everybody! According to its management, ArcLight theaters are desired to create opportunities for people to enjoy transformational experiences while watching movies, as well as to meet the needs and wants of its customers for quality movies.

These goals may be abstract for most of the movie-going public but there’s a common thread underlying their experiences at ArcLight theaters – the enjoyment of the best that the cinema industry has to offer.  Aside from the state-of-the-art audio-visual technology used, the theaters also feature reserved seating, special events, and cafés and bars, as well as pre-screening shows and movie-centric gift shops.

Below are the estimated Arclight ticket prices.

Item Price



Children (ages 1-12) - Weekday Starting Price $9.75
Infant (<1 year) - Weekday Starting Price $12.50
Adult - Weekday Starting Price $12.50
Senior (60+) - Weekday Starting Price $9.75


Children (ages 1-12) - Weekend Starting Price $11.00
Infant (<1 year) - Weekend Starting Price $15.75
Adult - Weekend Starting Price $15.75
Senior (60+) - Weekend Starting Price $12.00

Movies - Widescreen


Children (ages 1-12) - Widescreen Weekend Starting Price $9.50
Infant (<1 year) - Widescreen Weekend Starting Price $12.50
Adult - Widescreen Weekend Starting Price $12.50
Senior (60+) - Widescreen Weekend Starting Price $9.75

Movies - Widescreen Atmos


Children (ages 1-12) - Widescreen Atmos Weekend $17.00
Infant (<1 year) - Widescreen Atmos Weekend $17.00
Adult - Widescreen Atmos Weekend $17.00
Senior (60+) - Widescreen Atmos Weekend $14.75


Children (ages 1-12) - Widescreen Atmos Weekday $14.50
Infant (<1 year) - Widescreen Atmos Weekday $14.50
Adult - Widescreen Atmos Weekday $14.50
Senior (60+) - Widescreen Atmos Weekday $12.50

Movies - Atmos

Children (ages 1-12) - Atmos $10.50
Infant (<1 year) - Atmos $14.75
Adult - Atmos $14.75
Senior (60+) - Atmos $11.75

3D Movies


Children (ages 1-12) - 3D Weekday Starting Price $9.50
Infant (<1 year) - 3D Weekday Starting Price $12.50
Adult - 3D Weekday Starting Price $12.50
Senior (60+) - 3D Weekday Starting Price $9.75


Children (ages 1-12) - 3D Weekend Starting Price $13.00
Infant (<1 year) - 3D Weekend Starting Price $17.50
Adult - 3D Weekend Starting Price $17.50
Senior (60+) - 3D Weekend Starting Price $14.75



Children (ages 1-12) - IMAX Weekday $11.00
Infant (<1 year) - IMAX Weekday $15.75
Adult - IMAX Weekday $15.75
Senior (60+) - IMAX Weekday $14.75


Children (ages 1-12) - IMAX Weekend $12.00
Infant (<1 year) - IMAX Weekend $17.75
Adult - IMAX Weekend $17.75
Senior (60+) - IMAX Weekend $16.75

Dome Movies


Children (ages 1-12) - Dome Weekday $11.00
Infant (<1 year) - Dome Weekday $15.75
Adult - Dome Weekday $15.75
Senior (60+) - Dome Weekday $14.75


Children (ages 1-12) - Dome Weekend $12.00
Infant (<1 year) - Dome Weekend $17.75
Adult - Dome Weekend $17.75
Senior (60+) - Dome Weekend $17.75

3D Dome Movies


Children (ages 1-12) - 3D Dome Weekday $0.00
Infant (<1 year) - 3D Dome Weekday $0.00
Adult - 3D Dome Weekday $0.00
Senior (60+) - 3D Dome Weekday $0.00


Children (ages 1-12) - 3D Dome Weekend $0.00
Infant (<1 year) - 3D Dome Weekend $0.00
Adult - 3D Dome Weekend $0.00
Senior (60+) - 3D Dome Weekend $0.00
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The chain of ArcLight theaters started with a theater opened in 1963 in Hollywood, particularly in Sunset and Vine; said theater featured the Cinerama Dome, at the time the world’s largest motion picture projection screen, as well as 14 brand-new auditoriums. Then in 2002, ArcLight Hollywood opened its doors followed by ArcLight in Sherman Oaks in 2007.

Today, there are several ArcLight theaters in Pasadena, La Jolla, and Beach Cities in California as well as in Bethesda, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois. The chain also continues its national expansion.

Amenities and Facilities

The ArcLight Hollywood is the first and the flagship theater of the chain. Located in 6360 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, the theater has 15 screens with a THX certification, thus, the screens have optimal picture and sound presentation. Indeed, it’s considered as the place where the film industry players like to watch their movies, an arguable point but a valid one, nonetheless.

The reason: Aside from the state-of-the-art quality of its audio-visual technology, ArcLight Hollywood also hosts question-and-answer sessions with the directors, producers, and screenwriters as well as cast members of Oscar-nominated movies. There are special events, too, such as exhibits of film props and local art, which add to the excitement of going to the movies.

Every ArcLight theater provides top-notch amenities and facilities to their customers. The reserve seating system allows patrons to choose their preferred seats, especially when they come in a group; each seat, nonetheless, provides an unobstructed view of the large screen. Keep in mind that there is a limitation to the reserve seating system – you can’t choose a seat in case it creates a space between two reserved seats (i.e., orphan seat).

The seats are comfortably upholstered, as well as regularly cleaned so there are none of the sticky, dirty feel from the previous users. Emphasis must be made, too, that not all ArcLight theaters have reclining seats so be sure to ask first if you want said feature.  All theaters, however, have seats with movable armrests.

The theaters only show promotional film materials, or trailers, before each movie is shown; no advertisements are shown. Before the trailers begin, furthermore, an usher states the theater’s policy about gadget use and introduces the film while two ushers stay several minutes after the film has started to ensure that the audio-visual quality is up to par.  No late moviegoer will be allowed inside the theater once the film has started, a policy in accordance with the company’s slogan “Your Movie Time Uninterrupted”.

The state-of-the-art audio-visual technology used in ArcLight theaters make them among the best in the cinema industry. The volume level doesn’t grate on the ears yet allow the dialogue to be heard clearly. The high-definition video quality highlights the small details in a film, a much-appreciate feature for discriminating viewers.

Nowadays, going to the movies isn’t just about watching a movie. Instead, it’s a dinner and a show, literally, and ArcLight theaters are up to the job! Most, if not all, ArcLight theaters have a full bar and dining area where full meals and alcoholic drinks can be purchased. The patrons can take their drinks with them to the theater but not so the food; for example, you can take your wine inside the theater but not the sandwich that came with it.

Concessions stands selling classic American movie fare, such as popcorn and soda, are also available.  The caramel corn is arguably the most popular item on the menu and we aren’t surprised because the taste can be addictive.

The ArcLight employees are always friendly and efficient, even going the extra mile to ensure that the patrons get the excellent service they expect from a slightly pricey theater. The servers are quick to point out the available food and drinks without pushing the merchandise too much. The employees assigned to the rest rooms ensure that the facilities are clean and stocked with the necessary toiletries, too.

Parking isn’t usually a problem for patrons of ArcLight theaters. Be sure to ask first, nonetheless, as the theater may share garage space with nearby establishments.

To find an ArcLight near you, visit their official website.