AMC Ticket Prices

The chain of AMC Theatres is the largest in the world with more than 8,200 screens in over 660 theatres in the United States alone; in Europe, there are more than 2,200 screens in over 240 theatres. For this reason, the movie-going public is most likely to watch movies inside AMC theatres than in the competitors’ cinemas.

Below are the estimated AMC ticket prices.

Item Price

AMC Dine-In

Morning Showtimes

Adult (Dine-In) (Morning) $6.99
Child (2-12) (Dine-In) (Morning) $6.99
Senior (60+) (Dine-In) (Morning) $6.99

Noon Showtimes

Adult (Dine-In) (Noon) $12.39
Child (2-12) (Dine-In) (Noon) $10.89
Senior (60+) (Dine-In) (Noon) $10.89

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult (Dine-In) (Afternoon and Evening) $14.89
Child (2-12) (Dine-In) (Afternoon and Evening) $11.89
Senior (60+) (Dine-In) (Afternoon and Evening) $13.39

Dolby Cinema at AMC

Morning Showtimes

Adult (Dolby Cinema) (Morning) $12.49
Child (2-12) (Dolby Cinema) (Morning) $12.49
Senior (60+) (Dolby Cinema) (Morning) $12.49

Noon Showtimes

Adult (Dolby Cinema) (Noon) $17.89
Child (2-12) (Dolby Cinema) (Noon) $16.39
Senior (60+) (Dolby Cinema) (Noon) $16.39

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult (Dolby Cinema) (Afternoon and Evening) $20.39
Child (2-12) (Dolby Cinema) (Afternoon and Evening) $17.39
Senior (60+) (Dolby Cinema) (Afternoon and Evening) $18.90


Noon Showtimes

Adult (IMAX 3D) (Noon) $18.39
Child (2-12) (IMAX 3D) (Noon) $16.89
Senior (60+) (IMAX 3D) (Noon) $16.89

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult (IMAX 3D) (Afternoon and Evening) $20.89
Child (2-12) (IMAX 3D) (Afternoon and Evening) $17.89
Senior (60+) (IMAX 3D) (Afternoon and Evening) $19.40

RealD 3D

Noon Showtimes

Adult (RealD 3D) (Noon) $16.39
Child (2-12) (RealD 3D) (Noon) $14.89
Senior (60+) (RealD 3D) (Noon) $14.89

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult (RealD 3D) (Afternoon and Evening) $18.89
Child (2-12) (RealD 3D) (Afternoon and Evening) $15.89
Senior (60+) (RealD 3D) (Afternoon and Evening) $17.39
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Originally the acronym for American Multi-Cinema, the AMC Theatre chain started with a single cinema, the Regent Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri, purchased by Maurice, Edward, and Barney Dubinsky in 1920. When the trio adopted Durwood as their new name, their company became Durwood Theatres.

Through the years, the company underwent several changes in terms of ownership as well as in dispositions and acquisitions of theatres. In 2016, AMC Theatres purchased UCI Cinemas, Odeon Cinemas, and Carmike Cinemas and, in the process, became the world’s largest chain of cinemas.

Different Brands, Same Company

Most theatres are operated under the AMC brand, a branding strategy that also applies to the theaters acquired by the company. There are three sub-brands used for the AMC brand, namely:

AMC Theatres

This is the main brand used in most of its locations. While there are minor differences in design, the theaters typically include premium features like reserved seating, recliner seats, and large format auditoriums (e.g., IMAX). These theaters also have the MacGuffins Bars and concession stands with relatively creative menus.  The MacGuffins Bars sell alcoholic beverages, which can be enjoyed in the lounge area or inside the theater, as well as a wide range of food; in case of some AMC Dine-in locations, the MacGuffins Bars are full service restaurants where guests can dine without paying for movie tickets.

AMC Theaters use the “AMC Amazing” slogan and corporate logo, too.

AMC Classic

This is the secondary brand because of its use in smaller markets characterized by lower traffic, thus, their designation as value theaters. Most of the locations offer its regular patrons with an annual refillable popcorn bucket program. Some locations also have MacGuffins Bars as well as Dolby Cinema features, both of which aren’t typically available in many AMC Classic theaters.

AMC Dine-in Theaters

This brand comes in many names – Cinema Suites, Fork and Screen, and Red Kitchen – but all offer the services of a full service restaurant; alcoholic beverages and full meals can be ordered and enjoyed inside the theatre. The patrons can reserve their seat online (i.e., reserved seating) and call for waiter service via built-in button on the seat. Some locations are branded as Dine-in Express Pick-up where food and drinks can be ordered but there’s no table service.

AMC Theatres is a pioneer in its own right. Many of its theaters were the first to feature stadium-style seating wherein the seats are on risers thus providing every customer an unobstructed view of the screen. The seats also have adjustable armrests so these become love seat-style seats. Both the stadium-style seating and adjustable armrests were innovative for their time and, eventually, became the standard for major movie theaters today.

The theaters are also equipped with one of several audio-visual cinema technology. In AMC theaters with 12 to 30 screens, the premium formats are used including:

  • IMAX technology comes in two forms – digital IMAX projectors and laser IMAX
  • Dolby Cinema combines HDR Laser projection, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos technologies resulting in clearer images. Premium recliners are also available in some locations.
  • BigD at AMC locations use a Christie Brilliant 3-D flash projector and Full Sorround sound technology. These theaters also feature stadium-style seating and with the luxury seats designed with high backs, cup holders, and retractable armrests.
  • Prime at AMC locations feature higher resolution projection, better acoustics, and recliners with subwoofers.

The chain has also invested in virtual reality arcades and productions through AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.

AMC Theatres is also among the best chains when it comes to loyalty programs. The MovieWatcher program encourages members to watch more movies – each movie ticket purchased means reward points earned. The points can be redeemed with the prizes varying from free snacks to free movie tickets.  There’s also the AMC Stubs program.

Patrons can also use several types of vouchers in the AMC theatres. The Black and Yellow tickets can be used in redeeming any movie while the movie vouchers (e.g., gift cards and coupons) may be honoured by AMC at face value. The snack coupons may be exchanged for a fountain drink or popcorn.

Every AMC Theatre regardless of the audio-visual technology used is frequented by customers because of the combination of comfortable, if not luxurious seats, excellent service, and clean facilities. The theaters also feature a combination of Hollywood mainstream blockbusters, independent films, and art house films so the movie-going public always has a choice in their entertainment.  The AMC theaters prices may be on the pricey side but when the customer service, facilities and amenities are considered, these are well worth every cent.

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